The year you have been working towards you whole life ( or so it feels ) has arrived at last. What better way to capture this time than with a photo shoot that leaves cookie cutter behind and let's the true you shine?  

In your minds eye you probably already have an idea of what you want your senior pictures to look like - fashionable, pulled together and if we are honest the envy of your friends. Now to get from dreaming to reality! F

What are you going to wear? How are you going to make it happen? 

To help, this guide has been designed with you in mind, the high school senior. By planning ahead and thinking about the big and small details of what what you are going to wear, your photo shoot will undoubtedly be a collection of images that are better than the you ever imagined. 



Arrive at your scheduled appointment 10 minutes early.
You'll want to arrive with your clothing, jewelry, props, and anything else you may want to include for your pictures.

Arrive in something casual for your appointment for makeup application.

After your makeup application, we'll look through your outfits unless we have them already planned out from your wardrobe consultation and make styling decisions on which sets to use for which of your outfits.


We believe one of the most important photo shoots of your life is for your senior pictures, second only to your wedding day. 

The process of picking out your clothes, planning your hair & makeup is all so exciting! 

We want to make sure you are well prepared so you have the best experience during your photo shoot as well as having the stunning fashion inspired images you have been dreaming of. 



Everything from fashion to the hair, makeup, and accessories needed to take a look from okay to stunning. 

Before you read further, think about the last time you felt really good about the way you looked. How’d you feel on the inside? Chances are it was terrific! It’s a proven fact that putting some effort into appearance can help anyone feel amazing. Yes! How you look can directly affect how you feel. That is a good thing when it comes to your senior portraits because you can totally control the outside and the rest will fall into place, ensuring the fabulous senior portraits you desire!

Collect looks that you like for ideas. You can check out magazines, store mannequins, visit online shops, fashion blogs, or local boutiques to get ideas for your session outfits.

Look at all the little details of ensembles you like, clothes, makeup, hair, accessories. By simply starting to notice how professionals put cohesive looks together, you'll begin to learn from their processes and eventually begin to create outfits of your own that look professionally styled.



Flawless complexion, gorgeous eyes, perfectly pouted lips.
This is the stuff of magazines, yes? No! This is the stuff of your senior portraits!

The best, easiest way to ensure this look of perfection is to schedule an appointment with our professional makeup artist, who has been trained to bring out your natural beauty. By having your makeup done at our studio on the day of the session, you'll have less to worry about and guaranteed professional results.



You are not limited to the amount of clothing you bring during your session but the more organized you are and the faster you change, the more photographs we can take. Make sure you bring more than enough if you aren’t sure of your final decisions and we will help you make your final choices.

Bring at least one outfit that your parents love and you hate. Bring at least one outfit that you love and your parents hate …then everyone is happy!

Accessories take your session from blah to FABULOUS! We love to photograph everything from prom dresses, swimsuits, cheerleading outfits, sports gear and uniforms, raggedy jeans, novelty t-shirts, party dresses, prom dresses boyfriends jersey, bandanas, favorite college gear, baseball caps, hats, heels and boots, layers, jackets, sweaters, gloves, skirts, dresses, pants, capris and shorts, jeans, jean skirts, jeans with holes, your senior jeans, winter hats and scarves, coats with hoods and fur.

Variety is key in texture, shape, color, and style! Prints, solids or patterns are all great, just make sure you bring a mix. Bring long sleeved shirts too. Sleeveless and cap sleeved shirts make arms looks bigger so bring long sleeves for longer looking arms.

Make sure everything is ironed and on hangers. Do not shove everything in a gym bag! We cannot fix wrinkles in the editing process.

Place each set of jewelry in a plastic baggie and hang it on the hanger with that outfit. This will save you time and we will get to shoot more if you aren’t having to untangle your necklaces or locate one missing earring.

Bring the proper undergarments for each outfit. Make sure you bring the proper bra for each top and don't forget the proper underwear if you are bringing white pants.



Your nails will show so make sure your nails are clean and manicured. Natural colored nails or French manicure is best. This way your nails go with everything. 

No black, no red, no bright colors!



Don't try anything new with your hair right before your session. This means color or cut, and this goes for both guys and girls. One to two weeks before your session is fine. Remember to bring a comb or brush and any hair products you may need. Hair spray can be very helpful for those stray hairs that won't stay down. You are welcome to do straight and curly hair for your session providing you are really fast at making the change from one to the other.



Please avoid trying to get some last minute sun, either naturally or in a tanning bed.
Tans photograph well, sunburns do not!. Too deep a tan will actually make your face look fuller, aged and your skin can have a dull appearance.

If you are badly sunburned or heavily peeling, especially on your face, you may need to reschedule your session. You also need to be very careful with self tanners and spray on tans. Orange and streaky…we cannot retouch out the results of a poor application of self, spray tan, or burns.



First of all… relax, there is no need to be nervous. We don’t bite and we really do want you to look your best. Make sure you browse through our galleries and plenty of magazines to get inspired to rock it out. Check out facial expressions, practice in your mirror for different looks.

Prepare and just relax and have fun! We are fun, we are goofy, we don’t bite! We’re just people, just like you… just with really big cameras and really cool studio!



Bring it all! Anything that shows of who you are and what you love, shopping bags, sunglasses, shoes, purses, books, albums, CD, guitar, posters, personal CD player, I-pod, headphones, bible, uniform and sport gear, uniforms, cheer poms, megaphone, baseball, bat, glove, helmet. Football. Cleats. Pads Dance. Volleyball.. Soccer, swimming goggles, net, ball,jerseys, shoes, medals, trophies, snow skis,water skis, roller blades, skateboard.