Thank you for choosing William Uz Photography for your senior portraits! Get ready for a one of a kind experience and we hope you are as excited about having your custom portraits done as we are all about creating them. This page is packed with important information concerning what happens now that you have booked your session so please read through for all the details. This will aid in looking your best and having a great experience and outcome of images from our studio.

FIRST things first, add your scheduled session on your calendar and put 772-777-3128 WUPhotography in your phone contacts! If you need to get in touch with us en-route to your session or ask a quick question after your session you will have it handy. Text is the best way to reach us as you are essentially leaving a message for us to get back to you as soon as possible, even if we are with another client. We try not to answer phones during sessions.


DRINK 8-10 glasses of water per day prior to your session to keep lips and skin hydrated and looking their very best. Almost nothing is worst than dry chapped lips in an otherwise fantastic looking portrait.

EAT this is very import! Make sure to eat before your session as nothing is more a mood killer than being hungry during your session.

SKIN needs to be exfoliated the night before and the morning of your session with a gentle exfoliator. Take special care of the area between the brows. Moisturize as normal on the way to your session. Arrive with bare face, no mascara. Just show up 10 minutes early than your scheduled time as we always allow time for makeup with the time scheduled.

EYEBROWS should be waxed, plucked and groomed to perfection with a day or two of your session. We do not groom brows in retouching.

NAILS should be groomed and clean. Apply a clear polish or french tips only. No colors, patterns or wraps.

HAIR please consider booking our professional hair styling if not included in your session. This is one of the most important things to focus on as besides your makeup and wardrobe.

SLEEP the night before so your aren't the victim of dark circles, dull skin and baggy eyes. Sessions are a bit of a workout while moving from set to set and posing for dozens of pictures so you literally need your beauty rest.